Good speech writing requires diverse skills: an ear for how people speak, an aptitude for research, a way with words, and the ability to understand the speaker intuitively. We have created some 60 speeches in the past decade or so. You can click on the links below to read excerpts from a selection of them.

On Education

Vision and Leadership: Capturing the Hearts of the School Community. An address by Milton K. Wong, Chancellor Emeritus of Simon Fraser University, to the 2006 Canada’s Outstanding Principals Colloquium at the University of Toronto.

On First Nations Business Development

Harnessing the Power of Collaboration: Taking Aboriginal Businesses to the Next Level. Keynote address to the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business 6th Annual Vancouver Gala Dinner, 2008.

On Sustainable Development

Towards Sustainability: Rewriting the Script. Presented to The World Environment Centre and International Environment Forum North American Roundtable: “CSR: Building the Business Model and the Business Case.” October 2004, Montreal.

On Sustainable Cities

A Sustainable Downtown Eastside: Creating Positive Change Through Dialogue. Delivered to the Metro Vancouver Future of the Region 2008 Sustainability Summit.